Full Stack Control

Deliver software quickly, reliably and safely.

Application Edge Control


Take control of deployments, security and applications, not just your APIs

  • Analytics: gain insights into edge resource performance of your APIs and applications
  • Deploy: manage deployments easily, blue/green, canary, shadow style approaches
  • Version: touchless version management for all your applications
  • Security: ship request information into data lakes for audits, breach discovery and attack replays
Service Mesh Operation


Manage your increased demand for sophisticated traffic management.

  • Tracing: - easily determine bottle necks
  • Independence: - workload management for K8 and non-K8 application tiers
External Data Control


Just as you manage your inbound data requests, your outbound traffic requires the same control.

  • Token Control: - more granular control and risk reduction in third party token leaks
  • Security: - add all outbound traffic to your data lakes for improved auditing
Data Security & Elevation


Transform and control sensitive data with ease.

  • Visibility: - control data elevation and escalation policies on content payloads
  • Control: - manage PCI, HIPAA, NPI, PHI, PII as information passes through your mesh
  • Secure: - secure sensitive data in enterprise-grade data stores to speed up system deployments
  • Compliance: - cleanly isolate compliance to minimize threat surfaces

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