Source Control Management via Atlassian Bitbucket

Installing Bitbucket consists of two distinct applications, the database used by Bitbucket and Bitbucket itself. Keep in mind that both need to be automated and auto-configured. For the purpose of this lab we will be using MS SQL Server for the Bitbucket installation. We will also provide a Postgres Installation in the coming weeks. Whenever installing applications that require a standalone database for storage, one can generally assume the following process:

  • Initial Database Setup - this generally means creation of the database itself with the correct db specific configs and setup of credentials. When dealing with third party apps, most come with their own schema creation process so a blank db is generally good enough.
  • Initial Application Install - fresh installation for the first time against a new database. The focus here is leveraging as many auto-configuration options as possible. This specific area generally requires quite a bit of research and trial and error.
  • Post Installation Setup - any additional setup and configuration after the initial installation. This generally extends the applications "out-of-the-box" auto-configuration capabilities and applies additional configurations that may not have been possible to do during the initial install.

Remember our two key questions we always challenge ourselves with:

Can this application be installed without a single user ever having logged into the applications web interface?

After installation, can this application be used as part of your CI/CD ecosystem without a single admin user ever having logged into the applications web interface?